Complimentary Membership for Students and Academics

CREFC is dedicated to educating students and empowering professors about CRE finance. CREFC offers an unparalleled ability to connect, participate, advocate and learn. CREFC develops educational programming to provide its members with the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful within the CRE industry.  

Benefits of Academic Membership

Academic Members will have to reapply annually to renew their membership. Academic memberships start September 1st and end on August 31st.

Qualifications and Application Process for Academic Membership: 

Academic Members must be a full-time student or Professor 

Academic Members cannot be a current CREFC Member through an employer’s membership and/or Employed full time. 

The following will be required to apply for Academic Membership for Students:

  • Student ID  
  • Current semester's transcript or schedule with your name, number of credits per class, and school name.
  • Resume    

Professors and other full-time Academics must submit a University ID and Resume.  

Academic status will be vetted and you will receive an e-mail once reviewed. If you have any questions, please contact Gerald Prosser.

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