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Young Professionals are CRE finance industry professionals with less than 10 years of work experience who are interested in CRE Finance Council's continuing education initiatives and offerings. YP seeks to further your development within the industry, broaden your competency levels with respect to many different aspects of CRE finance, and strengthen your relationships and involvement with CREFC.

Today, over 3,400 Young Professionals comprise this program and are actively forming their own education programs and networking events.

CREFC offers a discounted rate to Conferences and Seminars for Young Professionals for those CREFC Members 30 years of age or younger. 

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Submit an Event Idea to CREFC

In response to the overwhelming interest from CRE Finance Council members to host and sponsor CREFC After-Work Seminars, as well as Young Professional and Women’s Network events; CREFC is pleased to announce our new Event Planner* that allows members and potential event sponsors to submit their requests to CREFC online and receive a response within one week.

The Event Planner not only makes it easier for you to propose and plan events with CREFC staff, but also helps to ensure all events are scheduled and planned for success, with the optimal venue, panelists, and member outreach. Our goal in introducing the Event Planner is to ensure an efficiently planned, organized and thus successful event.

Please refer to our event guidelines links below before utilizing the Event Planner and submitting your requests.

Click Here to Host or Submit an Event Idea*


  1. The CREFC Programming Committee in conjunction with CREFC Management must approve the program or event.
  2. The CREFC Programming Committee in conjunction with CREFC Management must approve any featured speakers, moderators and/or panelists.
  3. The event must be properly categorized as one of the following: Industry Content / Substantive  Networking  Community Outreach Professional Development  Social Outing  Charity
  4. Date must be coordinated with CREFC’s internal calendar of events.
  5. Sponsoring Firms will allowed one to two speakers, depending on the size of the event, from their own firms, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Venue must support the typical attendance capacity for its specific market.
  7. Sponsor’s requests need 6-8 weeks of lead time for planning.
  8. No one can specifically be excluded from attending a CREFC branded and supported event.
  9. A Sponsor is limited to two per year in any one city; exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
CREFC Speaker and Panel Participation Policy.  CREFC’s policy, as directed by its Board of Governors, is to assign CREFC conference and after-work-seminar speaking roles and panel slots based on each potential participant’s individual expertise related to the topical theme of the program and not based on other factors such as member sponsorships.  The Board of Governors adopted this policy to ensure that CREFC is in the best position to secure the best possible speakers and panel participants for all CREFC events.  In addition, the opinions that each speaker and panel participant expresses when speaking at a CREFC-sponsored event are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CREFC or of CREFC’s members.

Please reach out to Kim Pang (646) 884-7573 with any questions.

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CREFC Courses: Best Way to Learn the Basics

Ready to learn the foundational components of our industry? CREFC’s courses on commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) are the best way to learn the basics of commercial real estate finance. See our upcoming events and learn about our courses below.

CMBS 101 Now Available On-Demand

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