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CREFC's Provider Status:    CRE Finance Council applies for CLE (continuing learning education) credits for each event individually. CREFC’s CLE applications will be submitted based on requests/demand. Prior to the event, individuals seeking CLE credit should submit this online form to indicate the desired states in which to apply.
Credit Available:   View the individual event page for your state's CLE information, including the approved credits per state.
CREFC's Reporting Requirements:   CREFC reports attendance in accordance with individual state regulations. Some states are self-reported.
Attendee Compliance for CLE:   Not all states require attendees to sign in and out of each session.  Check with the CLE/Registration desk for more information on your states guidelines. 
Credit Calculation:   50 minute states: CO, FL, MO, NJ, NY, OK, RI, UT, WI and WV. You will receive 1 credit for a 50 minutes panel and 1.2 credits for a 60 minutes panel.
60 minute states: CA, DE, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MS, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX and VA. You be receive 1 credit for a 60 minutes panel and 0.8 credits for a 50 minutes panel.

Approved/Pending Applications   View the individual event page for status updates on CLE applications, including the number of approved credits per state. 
At the conference/event:   Each event will have a designated CLE/Registration area for attendees to sign in and out, based on individual state regulations   Please make sure you sign in and out, as required by your state.  
Financial Aid   Financial Aid is available for those that qualify. Please email for an application or click here.
Following the conference/event:   Following the conference, an email will be sent out advising attendees of any further action required for credit.  If approval has already been granted, the supporting documentation will be emailed to each participant.
CREFC's Materials:    View the individual event page for written materials for CLE.

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