CREFC Portfolio Lenders Forum

March 21, 2022

Meet our leadership team:

Insurance Company Lenders Sub-Forum

Michael Cale
Debt Investments
Stefanie Stewart
Real Estate Finance
Voya Investment

Eric Becher
Managing Director
Manager - Debt
New York Life

Bank Lenders Sub-Forum


Credit Products
Team Manager -
Income Property
Finance, Senior Vice
Regions Bank
Jonathan Salzinger
Director,Real Estate
Corporate Banking
Bank of America

Sylvia O’Neill
Associate General Counsel
and SVP
Bank of America


Together, Michael, Stefanie, Eric, Lissette, Jonathan and Sylvia form the “Leadership Working Group” for CREFC’s Portfolio Lenders Forum. Importantly this group sets the agendas and priorities for the Forum, as well as represents their constituencies on CREFC’s Policy Committee.

Portfolio Lender Forum conversations at CREFC’s January conference covered an array of topics from business operations to market focus. Internal to many lenders’ businesses, they are discussing how best to hire and train personnel to move up the ladder, how best to manage office space and potential hybrid flexibility and when people are in the office, and how to make the most of it to collaborate.

Externally, lenders are seeing much competition, especially with private equity firms acquiring insurance firms. Lenders are focused on maintaining strong credit quality and developing heightened ESG lending and reporting.

Looking ahead at opportunities and challenges, the leaders acknowledge that the debt business is more complicated than ever, especially with many new entrants. This can create good potential, but also fuels personnel turnover. Lenders are also keeping an eye on developing regulations and market practices surrounding ESG.

Additionally, these recent policy issues are of interest for Portfolio Lenders:

Seeking Forum Leaders for the Upcoming Term. Forum leaders are currently considering nominations for the next incoming chair to join their leadership slate and formulating the agenda for the forum session at CREFC's Annual Conference in June.


Kathleen Olin
Managing Director, Industry Initiatives
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