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Please review the style guide below prior to submitting your article.  Submissions for this series should be forward-thinking original articles on all aspects of the commercial real estate market. Topics should be timely and the articles should be written in a lively manner. Only original works will be considered. 

Please ensure to include all original tables/graphs and back up data for publication purposes. Self-promotional materials will not be published.  

Questions? Contact Danielle Nathan.


Style Guide & Requirements

Articles that do not conform to the magazine's style will be returned to the author for rewriting or may be rejected. The editors reserve the right to edit all articles for clarity and consistency.


  • Limit submissions to 2,500 words, no minimum word count
  • At the top of the article, include all authors' names and companies as they should be published
  • Main point of the article should be known within the first paragraph and recapped within the conclusion
  • Large, dense blocks of text are not advised.
    • Instead, use sub-headers to help make sections stand out
  • Do not include footnotes
    • References should be written into the body of the next or numbered and included in a short endnote section.
  • Using shorter sentences (fewer than 26 words) aids in readability
  •  Put important information in the first sentence of a paragraph


  • Writing style should appeal to a wide audience in a variety of sectors within the CRE industry
  • Jargon, legalese, and technical writing should be avoided
  • Define acronyms and abbreviations on the first usage
  • Capitalization should be restricted to formal titles and names
  • Exhibits (graphs/charts/etc) should be numbered and titled.
    • Each should be referenced/explained within the article
  • Do not include any banners, designs, etc
  • For percentages use % (ie 10%)
    • All dollar figures and percentages are expressed as numbers (ie hotel delinquencies fell by 6%)
  • Spell out numbers zero through nine
  • For numbers 10+ use numerals
  • Numbers within exhibits: Commas should not be used in number data appearing in exhibits (ie 5896 rather than 5,896)


  • Articles must be in Microsoft Word format
  • Source files for all graphics and charts must be provided in editable format


  • Articles that solely promote the author's business, product, or service without critical analysis will be rejected

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