Deloitte ESG Survey Showcased at Davos 

January 23, 2023

On January 16 during the World Economic Forum at Davos, Deloitte released a sustainability survey of over 2,000 C-suite executives across 24 countries.

Climate change stood second in the list of most significant organizational priorities, with more than 75% of the surveyed executives sharing that their companies had increased sustainability investments over the past year.

What’s driving this? Organizations are facing pressure to pursue sustainability initiatives from several different stakeholder groups, including board members and management, regulators, clients, investors, and employees.

Go deeper: CREFC’s 2022 ESG survey found that client demand, firm values, compliance, and reputation were the top four drivers of member ESG frameworks.

Yes, but: Although organizations are implementing sustainability efforts (e.g., 59% are using more sustainable materials and increasing energy efficiency), they have not embedded sustainability into their corporate cultures:

  • 21% said they do not plan to link senior leader compensation to environmental sustainability performance; and
  • 30% said they do not intend to lobby government for climate initiatives.

CREFC believes that the focus on sustainability will continue to grow in the CRE and CRE finance space, due to stakeholder interest, regulatory requirements, local ordinances, and Federal incentives. CREFC’s Sustainability Initiative continues to be very active on the ESG advocacy, education, and transparency fronts. Please contact Sairah Burki if you could like to join.


Sairah Burki
Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs

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