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CREFC facilitates the engagement of all market participants through a platform of forums that are delineated by specific industry sector groups. These “Forums” include the following:

Combined with CREFC's standing committees and task forces, these Forums are crucial in promoting dialogue among various market sectors to build industry consensus on important issues facing the commercial real estate finance market, whether they be business practices, standards or policy.

Each of these Forums interacts and addresses issues critical to their business sector and works to advance solutions that serve a common purpose. Through Forum collaboration, CREFC members actively engage in the development of market-based, legislative and regulatory recommendations for the betterment of the CRE Finance market.

CREFC’s Committees execute on our current initiatives and are represented by the full range of industry participants active in this market.

For more information about CREFC’s Forums, Task Forces and Committees, please contact us below.

Stacy Stathopoulos
Executive Vice President