CRE Finance Council PAC: Strengthening Your Voice in Washington

CRE Finance Council is dedicated to promoting the ongoing strength, liquidity and viability of the commercial real estate finance markets. To that end, CRE Finance Council’s Washington outreach program aims to improve the statutory and regulatory regimes governing our members’ business. CRE Finance Council PAC is an essential adjunct to CREFC's lobbying efforts, allowing our voice to be heard at all levels of debate on issues of concern to the CRE finance industry.

Over the past several years there has been an explosion in regulatory and legislative activity affecting the commercial real estate capital markets. CRE Finance Council PAC enhances CREFC's efforts and ability to aggressively tackle these issues with key Washington policymakers. It also ensures that our industry’s concerns won’t be lost among the many competing industries that are already politically active. It is vitally important that we continue to build on this success!

This year, we are again focused on the many timely and critical issues being discussed in Washington, which impacts CRE Finance Council members. Restoring confidence, providing liquidity and facilitating lending and investing in the commercial real estate finance markets is CRE Finance Council’s top priority. To view a summary of our current legislative and regulatory activities, please visit our Government Relations Priorities page.

Fundraising and Contributions

Federal law dictates contribution and expenditure limitations for individuals and PACs, including:

  • Individuals are permitted to contribute a maximum of $5,000 to a specific PAC each year; and
  • PACs are permitted to contribute $5,000 to other PACs during each two-year election cycle.

For additional information on the CRE Finance Council PAC, please contact Marty Schuh at (202) 448-0853.

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