CREFC Fact Sheets

CREFC’s Fact Sheets are intended to provide a high-level overview of legislative and regulatory policy issues affecting commercial real estate lenders and investors. In each Fact Sheet, CREFC members can learn about the impact of a particular issue, relevant policymaker developments (on Capitol Hill and with the regulators), and CREFC’s stance or plan of action. The Fact Sheets also provide additional background and links to other sources for readers who want to dive deeper. CREFC’s Policy and Government Relations team continually updates the Fact Sheets to ensure the information remains timely and relevant. 

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

Basel III Fact Sheets:
Basel III - Fundamental Review of the Trading Book
Basel III - Step-In Risk

CMBX Fact Sheet:
CMBX - Margin Requirements for Uncleared CMBX

Flood Insurance Fact Sheet:
Flood Insurance - Summary and Quick Facts

HMDA Fact Sheet:
HMDA - New Rules with Lower Thresholds for Reporting

Liquidity Fact Sheet:
Liquidity - Liquidity Coverage Ratio
Liquidity - Net Stable Funding Ratio

Regulatory Reform Fact Sheet:

Regulatory Reform - Summary and Quick Facts

Tax Fact Sheets:
Tax - Carried Interest
Tax - Cost Recovery
Tax - Interest Deduction
Tax - Like-Kind Exchanges
Tax - Passthrough Entities
Tax - Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Volcker Rule Fact Sheet:
Volcker Rule - Summary and Quick Facts