Servicers Forum

Representing master, primary and special servicers with additional input from trustees, NRSROs, asset managers and third party providers involved in the CMBS post-securitization process, this Forum offers a thorough examination of the increasing demands of the commercial real estate credit issues on servicing operations, and the optimal business model for the future of commercial servicing.

Chair: Kathleen Olin, CWCapital Asset Management
Chair-Elect: Jan Sternin, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
Past-Chair: Lindsey Wright, C-III Asset Management

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Industry Information of Note


"At the Crossroads: Ernst & Young 2012 Real Estate Nonperforming Loan Investor Survey" (March 2012)

Credit Rating Agency Actions Relating to Potential Conflicts of Interest


Fitch Ratings

     Report: Increased Disclosure Can Offset Investor Distrust (March 19, 2012) 


     Commentary: A New Arbiter for the CMBS Trust - Enter the Operating Advisor (August 2011)

     Report: Operational Risk Assessment (October 2011)

     Report: C-III Asset Management LLC ‘MOR CS1’ Special Servicer Ranking Unchanged (December 1, 2011)

     Commentary: Analyzing Special Servicers' Conflicts of Interest (March 2012)

Standard & Poor's

     Report: Comments on Potential Conflicts of Interest Within Commercial Special Servicing Market (March 9, 2012)