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The Portfolio Lenders Forum is comprised of insurance companies, pension funds, commercial banks, mortgage REITs, and other balance sheet lenders. In addition to providing a highly interactive platform for participants, the Forum uses surveys to provide benchmarking and trends analysis. Due to the diversity of lenders, the Forum is divided into Insurance Company and Bank Sub-Forums.

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    Chair: Keith Honig, AIG
    Chair-Elect: Marcia Diaz, PGIM
    Past-Chair: Bob O’Rourke, Guardian Life Insurance Co

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    Chair: Scott Dixon, SunTrust
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Information on Basel III Capital Standards

Banks globally utilize a framework established by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) to calculate the amount of regulatory capital they must hold against specific assets in both their banking and trading books.  While many international banks currently report according to the Basel II regime, which was finalized in 2007, in the U.S. the vast majority of banks still report under the Basel I regime.  In July 2012, the OCC, FDIC, and the Federal Reserve issued joint notices of proposed rulemaking that would revise and replace the agencies’ current capital adequacy and liquidity rules.  The four notices covered include Basel III, Advanced Approaches and Market Risk, Standardized Approach for Risk-Weighted Assets, and the Final Rule Regarding Market Risk-Based Capital.

The CREFC Portfolio Lenders Bank Sub-Forum formulated and submitted a response to the proposals in advance of the September 7, 2012 comment deadline. CREFC’s response focused on the significant impact the proposed rules will have on our industry from the whole loan, securitization and servicing rights perspectives.

In July 2013, the Federal Reserve Board finalized a rule to implement Basel III in the United States, a package of regulatory reforms developed by the BCBS. The comprehensive reform package is designed to help ensure that banks maintain strong capital positions that will enable them to continue lending to creditworthy households and businesses even after unforeseen losses and during severe economic downturns. This final rule increases both the quantity and quality of capital held by U.S. banking organizations.

Background Documents


Federal Reserve Board Approves Final Basel III Rule (July 2, 2013)

CREFC Responds to Proposed Basel III Rules  (October 22, 2012)

Basel III NPR (July 2012)

Advanced Approaches and Market Risk NPR (July 2012)

Standardized Approach NPR (July 2012)

Final Rule Regarding Market Risk-Based Capital (July 2012)

Federal Banking Agencies Issue Proposed Capital Reforms (Sidley Austin, June 25, 2012)

Federal Banking Agencies Issue Proposed Capital Reforms - Part II (Sidley Austin, July 11, 2012)

Basel III Capital Charge Primer - The Impact on CMBS (Deutsche Bank, July 2012)

Basel Committee FAQs on Basel III Counterparty Credit Risk Rules

On July 25, 2012 the Basel Committee issued a second set of frequently asked questions on Basel III’s counterparty credit risk rules, updating the questions published in November 2011. The FAQs relate to counterparty credit risk, including the default counterparty credit risk charge, the credit valuation adjustment and asset value correlations. Links to the Basel Committee release and FAQs document.

Basel Committee Interim Rules on Bank Exposure to CCPs

On July 25, 2012 the Basel Committee issued interim rules as part of Basel III for the capitalization of bank exposures to central counterparties ("CCPs"). The interim rules are intended to create incentives for banks to increase their use of CCPs, while also ensuring that banks’ exposures to CCPs are adequately capitalized. The rules will be effective as of January 2013. Links to the Basel Committee release and interim rules.