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CRE Finance Council Forums are market constituencies that drive the global commercial real estate finance industry. Our Forums include GSE Multifamily, High Yield Distressed Realty Assets, Investment-Grade Bondholders, B-Piece Buyers, Issuers, Portfolio Lenders, and Servicers. Each of these Forums interacts and addresses issues critical to their business sector and works to achieve solutions that serve a common purpose.

As these Forums collaborate, CRE Finance Council’s objectives are to represent all Forum participants, manage disparate and converging views, advocate a consensus of positions to policy and lawmakers, educate members, develop best practices, and work toward the betterment of the entire commercial real estate finance market.

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B-Piece Investor Forum

Comprised of B-Piece buyers and provides participants with an interactive platform to discuss non-investment grade bondholder issues.

B-Piece Buyers Sub-Forum Roster

Investment-Grade Bondholders Forum

Comprised of investment-grade bondholders and provides CMBS investors an interactive platform to discuss relevant industry issues.

Investment-Grade Bondholders Sub-Forum Roster

Servicers Forum

Represents master, primary and special servicers with additional input from trustees, NRSROs, asset managers and third-party providers involved in the CMBS post-securitization process.

Servicers Forum Webpage
Servicers Forum Roster

GSE Multifamily Forum

Comprised of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac employees, Fannie Mae DUS™ Lenders, Freddie Mac K-Series Lenders, Agency Investors, Affordable Housing Lenders, and others, the GSE Multifamily Forum provides an opportunity to interact and address the issues particular to the multifamily segment of the marketplace.

GSE Multifamily Webpage
GSE Multifamily Forum Roster

Issuers Forum

Represents CMBS issuers, traders and originators of loans for securitization.

Issuers Forum Webpage
Issuers Forum Roster

High Yield Distressed Realty Assets Forum

Sub-forums: Distressed Realty Assets;High Yield Investments

Dedicated to industry participants seeking high yield through lending or debt investment in commercial real estate, this Forum includes buyers of distressed debt, servicers, workout specialists, loan advisers and specialty lenders.

High Yield Distressed Realty Assets Forum Webpage
High Yield Investments Sub-Forum Roster
Distressed Realty Assets Sub-Forum Roster

Portfolio Lenders Forum 

Sub-forums: Insurance Company Sub-Forum; Bank Sub-Forum

Comprised of insurance companies, commercial banks, pension funds, mortgage REITs and other commercial portfolio lenders.

Portfolio Lenders Forum Webpage
Insurance Company Sub-Forum Roster
Bank Sub-Forum Roster