Conferences & Programs

The CRE Finance Council holds two premier conferences each year in the United States: the January Conference in Miami and the June Annual Conference in New York. Conference programing addresses the most relevant topics facing the industry and are presented by recognized finance leaders. CREFC also hosts major conferences in both Europe and Japan. These internationally recognized events bring together the industry leaders and organizations driving the industry.

Complementing these major conferences are After-Work Seminars held regularly throughout the calendar year, each of which is tailored to fit the constituencies served by CREFC.

EventEvent TypeCityBegin Date
The Future of Real Estate FinanceAfter-Work SeminarNew York10/18/2017NY_A101817
CMBS 101: Intro To Commercial Mortgage Backed SecuritiesEducational EventsChicago10/19/2017IL_E101917
A Building Issue: AML Compliance for Commercial Real EstateAfter-Work SeminarNew York10/26/2017NY_A102617
Women’s Network - Komen Dallas Race for the CureWomen's Network EventsDallas10/28/2017TX_W102817
Borrower Decision Making: What Drives a BorrowerAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/1/2017NY_A110117
Beyond the Golden Gate: Growth in the Bay Area & the PNWAfter-Work SeminarSan Francisco11/2/2017CA_A110217
All Good Things Must Come To An End: Trust TerminationsAfter-Work SeminarChicago11/2/2017IL_A082417
CREFC Women's NYC Networking Wine TastingWomen's Network EventsNew York11/9/2017NY_W110917
CREFC Annual D.C. Symposium 2017After-Work SeminarWashington11/14/2017DC_A111417
Looking To the Future With HVCRE and Basel IIIAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/15/2017NY_A111517
4th Annual CRE Lending: West Coast PerspectiveAfter-Work SeminarLos Angeles12/5/2017CA_A120517
CMBS 101: Intro To Commercial Mortgage Backed SecuritiesEducational EventsLos Angeles12/5/2017CA_E120517
CRE Finance Council January Conference 2018Major ConferenceMiami1/8/2018JAN_18
High Yield & Distressed Realty Assets SummitRegional SummitsNew York3/7/2018NY_DCON_18
CREFC Annual Conference 2018Major ConferenceNew York6/11/2018JUN_18
CRE Finance Council January Conference 2019Major ConferenceMiami1/14/2019JAN_19
CREFC Annual Conference 2019Major ConferenceNew York6/10/2019JUN_19
CRE Finance Council January Conference 2020Major ConferenceMiami1/13/2020JAN_20
CREFC Annual Conference 2020Major ConferenceNew York6/8/2020JUN_20
CRE Finance Council January Conference 2021Major ConferenceMiami1/11/2021JAN_21
CREFC Annual Conference 2021Major ConferenceNew York6/14/2021JUN_21