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CRE Finance Council Strategic Plan


    To promote the strength and liquidity of commercial real estate finance worldwide



    A commitment to ethical interaction and communication


    A member-focused culture of collaboration with open and inclusive dialogue, consensus-building and respect for diverse views in the pursuit of the common purpose


    A dedication to insightful forward-thinking leadership which encourages innovation, continuous improvement and professional growth


    • To be the premier trade association of the commercial real estate finance industry worldwide. 
    • To be the meeting point for commercial real estate finance professionals.
    • To be the pre-eminent voice for commercial real estate finance.
    • To be the forum for all stakeholders in commercial real estate finance, including portfolio and capital markets lenders, commercial real estate debt and securities investors, loan servicers and service providers across the full range of commercial real estate capital formation.   
    • To be the place where capital and new ideas meet; the voice, energy, innovation and leadership of the commercial real estate finance industry.


    I.  Goal:  CREFC will provide strong leadership to the commercial real estate finance industry worldwide.  It will be member-driven and its leadership will come from the industry leadership to effectively deliver resources and drive change. 

    Key Initiatives:

    • Create a strong and committed Board of Governors which will effectively represent all segments of the commercial real estate finance industry. 
    • Establish a Board which will be composed of leaders who can deliver resources to achieve industry goals; commit and align their institutions with the CREFC agenda; and drive change as industry leaders.
    • Solicit the active involvement of all commercial real estate finance constituents who will participate as members in the organization.
    • Build a professional staff with the scale and capabilities needed to execute CREFC’s vision and goals. 
    • Develop revenue sources and dues structures to align the interests of members and provide a robust source of revenue for CREFC to execute its mission.


    II.  Goal:  CREFC will support its members’ pursuit of market excellence and development of best practices to promote commercial real estate finance market efficiency, transparency and liquidity worldwide.

    Key Initiatives:

    • Provide CREFC resources (funding and staff) to support the development of standards.
    • Support the dissemination of worldwide best practices.
    • Educate borrowers, lenders, investors, rating agencies and other market participants worldwide on the benefits of standardization, transparency and best practices.
    • Support continuous improvement, solicit feedback from market participants and develop new initiatives. 
    • Provide educational programs that are current, timely and responsive to the changing market and that serve all constituencies.


    III.  Goal:  CREFC will engage with legislators and regulatory agencies worldwide as the recognized leading expert and voice of commercial real estate finance. CREFC will engage with other trade associations and groups with mutual interests in the commercial real estate finance industry. 

    Key Initiatives:

    • Be the advocate for the commercial real estate finance community.  Advocate proactively in support of the strength and liquidity of the markets.  Educate where a diversity of view points among the members renders advocacy inappropriate.
    • Find alignments and bolster strategic alliances with other trade associations and PACs whenever possible. 
    • Create awareness among the members about the importance of contributing to the CREFC PAC in support of a strong voice for the industry. 
    • Create a complete body of knowledge about commercial real estate finance worldwide, and make it accessible to all constituents.


    IV.  Goal:  CREFC will support and serve the commercial real estate finance industry worldwide.  CREFC will be organized so that those members interested in issues particular to a product, market or a common role in the industry (“Forums”) can meet, interact and address specialized aspects of the market.

    Key Initiatives:

    • Engage all the constituencies of commercial real estate finance by including Forums that focus on the specific needs of particular segments of the commercial real estate finance marketplace.  Provide strong staff support for these groups, which may include:
      • Investors
        • Securities Investors
        • Loan Investors
        • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Investors
      • Lenders
        • Life Companies
        • Commercial Banks
        • Private Lenders
        • Fannie Mae DUS™ Lenders
        • Freddie Mac Program Plus Lenders
        • Affordable Housing Lenders
      • Intermediaries
        • Mortgage Bankers
        • Securities Issuers and Underwriters
      • Servicers
        • Primary and Master Servicers
        • Special Servicers and Asset Managers
    • Provide resources and communication to ensure that special interest forums do not become isolated or disconnected from the association, but rather work together with other forums to advance the goals of the association, providing members the benefits of the larger association.
    • Create an organization that responds to the needs of members both within and across the forums and that facilitates the reconciliation of differences of opinion within the broader association.
    • Provide support, education and focus for development of new capital providers, as well as existing capital sources.
    • Promote active and ongoing dialogue among a diverse membership having different priorities and views on industry issues and initiatives.
    • Maximize the use of new technologies to strengthen the interconnections of the membership to support the association’s educational and advocacy initiatives.